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Your Child's Rash: Allergy or Irritation?

Upload: January 27, 2017When our children are in distress of any sort, we hurt. A rash may develop for any number of reasons. When it lingers, and our child becomes agitated and itchy, concerns may arise. Children cannot always tell us exactly where or when their skin becomes irritated, so it is up to the family to wade through the clues. If your child is struggling with redness and itching right now, and you're not sure what to do, contact your pediatrician or one of our dermatology offices. We are happy to schedule an appointment to examine your child's skin. At the very least, you can gain peace of mind knowing the cause of the dermatologic problem and what you can do to alleviate your child's scratching.What could be Behind all that Itching?

What could be Behind all that Itching?

Children are especially vulnerable to skin irritations. What you want to determine is whether your child's problem is inherited and chronic, or whether it is transient and temporary. Without a medical evaluation, it can be hard to tell! Eczema may look like a normal rash that recurs from time to time. Rashes may also develop as a result of a virus, such as chicken pox. Children may also react to certain fabrics, foods, sun exposure, or chemicals (such as in soap or lotion).  Finally, there are certain plants that, if they contact the skin, could cause a flare up of redness and itching.

Relief comes through Knowledge

Because children may be more prone to skin irritation than adults, there is a widespread mindset that the "wait and see" approach is acceptable. However, a child that is scratching excessively is at risk for infection and scarring if the itch is not resolved. This is why it can be beneficial to see a board-certified dermatologist. The physicians in our practice have undergone extensive training that enables each to recognize the signs of skin conditions, of which there are hundreds. A thorough examination of the skin and other symptoms can help you discover what is causing that itch, and how you can manage your child's dermatologic health as they grow.

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