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What to do about Warts

General Dermatology Exton, PAWe can hold open and honest conversations about a lot of things; that breakout on our back, the horrible reaction we had that time we tried to wax our upper lip. But warts. These little problems are another story. For whatever reason, most people hold back when it comes to revealing their struggle with a fleshy growth somewhere on their body, as if talking about it would lead straight to social isolation. Really, warts aren’t all that bad. They don’t mean you’re unhygienic. They don’t mean you should avoid socializing until your skin has cleared. Here, we crush the stigma of warts by offering facts and tips.

  1. Certain warts have certain preferences. A wart is not a wart is not a wart. There are more than 100 different kinds. And each type may develop on a particular part of the body. For instance, one strain of the human papillomavirus may be more at home in the mucous membrane of the cervix. Another strain may find it easier to affect the soles of the feet or palms of the hands. This can be good news because it can assure you that your mate’s plantar wart won’t lead to growths where you don’t want them.
  2. You can spread warts to yourself. We usually worry that coming into contact with another person’s wart will spread contamination to our skin. This is pretty rare. What is more likely to happen is that one wart spreads to another area of similar skin on our own body. Because this risk exists, it is essential that you not pick at any wart. Instead, cover it with a band-aid to prevent viral contamination.
  3. Treatment can be simple. Many warts will go away with over-the-counter medication and by keeping the wart covered. It is essential not to shave a wart; this only reveals higher amounts of the virus that caused it. Using a commercial salicylic acid product on a washed, roughed wart causes tissue to die off gradually. If a wart resists over-the-counter treatment, schedule a visit with your dermatologist for medical treatment.

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