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Springtime is a Great Time to Review Your Skin Health

Skin CareLike the rest of the body, our skin is in a continual state of aging. The difference between this organ and others is that we see it. Day in and day out, we can see the effects of aging, environmental factors, and lifestyle habits reflected back at us in the mirror. If you are interested in liking what you see today and years down the line, we suggest a few strategies for optimal skin health and beauty.

Avoid Unnecessary Exposure

There are things that support the skin, and things that degrade it. You may be well aware that you should avoid too much sun exposure, but do you know why? Not only do UVA and UVB rays cause sunburn and skin cancer, but they also break down the collagen that makes your skin firm and soft. Because collagen production declines as we age, starting in our twenties, we are encouraged to take as many steps as possible to support this skin-boosting protein at every age. When you go outdoors, even on cloudy days, apply broad-spectrum sunscreen and, on brighter days, also wear a hat.

Drink Up!

Skin can be dry and it can also be generally dehydrated. Dry skin can occur just as easily in winter as it can in the hot summer months. This is because we tend to want to warm up when the temperature drops, and we do so with indoor heat and hot showers and baths. Each of these strategies causes moisture to evaporate from the skin very quickly. The remedy may not be to apply thick lotion. In fact, some of the lovely scented lotions we tend to appreciate are quite drying. One of the best ways to protect your skin from dehydration and dryness is to drink water throughout the day. The eight-glass recommendation is just the average. Studies suggest we could all benefit from a few glasses more than that.

Thinking Long Term

Beauty is not the primary focus of the dermatology services offered in our Coatesville, Kennett Square, and Exton offices. Our providers assist patients with the various dermatologic conditions that present uncomfortable symptoms. We understand that healthy skin is beautiful skin, though, and are here to help you enjoy the long-term benefits of knowing what your skin needs.

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