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Winter Tips to Avoid Eczema Flare-Up

Winter skin treatment Exton, PAWeather changes can be unkind to the skin. If you have a condition such as eczema, the transition from one season to the next may bring particular challenges. During the winter months, some people struggle to manage flare-ups of itching, redness, and irritation. The primary reason could be that the drop in temperature that occurs this time of year coincides with a dip in humidity. Dry air doesn’t have to make you hibernate to save your skin. Here, we offer a few tips to maintain dermatologic health throughout the cold-weather months.

  • Change up your skincare routine. One of the most common mistakes that all people make with their skin is using the same skincare products all year round. When the air becomes massively dry in the winter, the skin needs much more TLC. Experts suggest switching to an oil-based moisturizer and emollient creams that are thicker than the lotions used during the summer. To avoid a greasy feeling on the face, it may be beneficial to layer products, beginning with a nourishing serum and then moving on to a lightweight moisturizer.
  • Layer clothing. There are several advantages to dressing in layers. For the person with eczema, layered clothing allows them to have more control over changing body temperature. Being bundled up outside prevents discomfort, but doesn’t work inside because overheating causes an inflammatory response for eczema patients.
  • Add some moisture to the air. Areas in which time is spent should be as comfortable as possible to prevent an eczema flare up, and humidity is a must. Placing a humidifier in the bedroom, living room, and office inhibits cold-weather problems like dry, cracked skin.
  • Get some vitamin D. Studies have suggested, and vitamin D helps the skin repair itself. During the winter when the sun shines less often, many people become deficient in this vital nutrient. A doctor may perform a vitamin D test to identify how much supplementation is needed to provide health benefits. A supplement may be prescribed or purchased at a health food store.

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