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The Change in Weather is Doing Enough Harm, Don’t Make it Worse by Doing This!

General Dermatology Exton, PAWe’re far enough removed from summertime now that most who were reveling in their sun-kissed glow are now feeling gloomy. This is because it is about this time when the skin starts to look rough, dull, and splotchy. Dryness can be particularly problematic because patches of dehydrated skin on the face cannot be hidden and dry skin elsewhere on the body can be downright uncomfortable.

We may all struggle with a little dryness and roughness after summer. If your skin tends toward the dry side overall, it is essential to think about skincare differently than other people. Some of the usual ways of caring for the skin may be fine for others, but not for you. Here, we outline what you don’t want to do if you have dry skin.

  1. Take steaming showers. As the weather progressively cools down, nothing may sound more comforting than a nice, hot shower. The problem is that hot water disrupts the layer of oils that keep the skin moisturized. Without sufficient oils, the skin will dry out very quickly. The same goes for space heaters. If you use one, set it far enough away from your body that the heat doesn’t rob your skin of moisture. After showers, pat the skin dry and immediately apply a thicker body lotion than you used during the summer.
  2. Use a foaming acne-fighting cleanser. Facewash can be extremely drying, especially if formulated to fight acne. Many of the foaming cleansers that are available deplete that oil layer we talked about. If you have normal or oily skin, this is not a big deal; but for the person with dry skin, this can spell disaster. Oil-based products like Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser are better suited to dry skin.
  3. Apply skincare products without attention to detail. Skincare products are more complicated today than they were just twenty years ago. However, they are also better at really affecting the dermis – if you put them on in the right order. After washing, dry skin needs moisture to get locked in. This happens with layering. Apply products in this order: serum, then lotion or cream. If your skin is unusually dry, you can add one more layer, coconut oil or rosehip oil, for a protective barrier to hold in all that moisture.

Dry skin may indicate a dermatologic problem that requires medical management. To learn more about your dry skin, schedule a consultation with one of our experienced dermatologists in Exton, Kennett Square, or Coatesville.

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