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Troubled by Breakouts? See What May be Causing Them!

Acne Treatment Exton, PAAcne can be a concerning skin condition that spans across our teenage years. Persistent irritation and breakouts can be troublesome during this time of life, even though it is one of the most common struggles of adolescence. Should pimples and redness extend into adulthood, or occur randomly throughout our twenties and beyond, there may also be a bit of head-scratching that accompanies a desire for resolve. Why are breakouts continuing to happen, and what might be done to stop this problem? Here, we point out few potential culprits.

Your Sunglasses

Sunglasses and eyeglasses sit directly on the skin of the bridge of the nose and, in many cases, the upper cheeks. Rarely are we taught to develop the habit of cleaning eyeglass frames; usually, we stop at the lenses. However, it is possible for bacteria and excess oil to adhere to frames and then transfer back to the skin, irritating.

This is a relatively easy fix. The same wipes and cleaning solution that are used to clean eyeglass lenses can be used to remove invisible debris from frames. Furthermore, daily face-washing inhibits the accumulation of oil, dirt, and bacteria on the skin, regardless of where it comes from.

Your Cell Phone

Our cellphones may be some of the most-used items we own. We touch a wide surface area with our hands when texting and scrolling. We set our phones down on tables, desks, and other public places. Then, in the occasional instance that the phone is placed to the ear, debris transfers from that surface to the skin on the face. Interestingly enough, it has also been noted that our use of cell phones can cause minor friction between the phone and the skin on the face, leading to subtle abrasions that then allow debris to accumulate in a vulnerable area.

We can add an ounce of safety to cell phone use by using the speaker as a call feature as much as possible. Just like eyeglasses, cell phones can also be cleaned with an antibacterial wipe that inhibits the accumulation of bacteria. Finally, wash your hands frequently and your face daily keeps your skin cleaner and healthier.

Your Diet

Most breakouts are related more to hormones than to what we eat. An exception in many cases is the consumption of dairy products. Some people may be sensitive to dairy, including milk, yogurt, and ice cream. Consuming a little may be ok, but consuming more than is acceptable to your body could spell trouble for your skin.

If you notice that your skin flares up after you consume dairy products, take a break for several days to see test the theory that diet could be involved in the persistence of acne.

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