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Has Retin-A Won You Over Yet?

General Dermatology  Exton, PAAging. We can’t stop it. Humans have been trying for ages, attempting everything from rose petals to milk and honey to urine. Yes. It’s sometimes an ugly business to attain beauty. Today, we’ve got far more sophisticated technologies to manage the signs of aging. Our products are also much more refined in their formulations. Retin-A is a prime example.

What is Retin-A?

Retin-A isn’t a high-tech treatment. It isn’t even all that new. It’s a prescription product that has been studied and used clinically for decades. More than its widespread use, it is the track record of scientifically proven benefits that makes Retin-A, or Tretinoin, depending on the prescription, so popular.

Just what are those benefits? Things like tighter skin softened lines and wrinkles, and a reduction in sun spots are a few worth mentioning. Oh, and we should also mention that collagen degradation slows down when Retin-A is a normal part of the skincare regimen.

The way that these benefits are attained is through regular use. With that, the skin can begin to look better within 6 to 8 weeks. How so? Through cellular turnover. Our skin cells naturally die in time. When they do, they are supposed to fall off (which doesn’t always happen). When these cells fall away from the surface, healthy new cells cover the epidermis. What Retin-A, or Tretinoin, both forms of retinoic acid, does is speed up this process.

What You Need to Know

When you hear the many benefits of this prescription product, you may want your supply right away. Retin-A is appropriate for many people who want to support collagen production and slow down their aging process. However, this is not a miracle-treatment for aging skin. Benefits can be found with routine use, but a 50-year-old will not look 20 again. Fortunately, using Retin-A does not exclude a person from obtaining other skin-supporting treatments such as injectables or even cosmetic surgery, if that is there preference.

At the Dermatology and Skin Surgery Center, our focus is on the provision of friendly, consistent dermatologic care. If you would like to know more about the value of Retin-A as a part of your skin care routine, let’s talk.

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