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It’s Cooling Down, but You Still Need that Sunscreen!

Skin care PASkin care is something that is discussed on a regular basis. Largely, it is the desire that men and women have to age well that gets all the attention. We want to know which solutions will help slow the introduction of lines and wrinkles to the skin, and how to treat problems such as sun spots and laxity. There is a single product that should not be overlooked when the goal is to support healthy skin: sunscreen.

\Sunscreen may be one of the absolute best products for skin of all ages. Proper use inhibits the reactivity of skin cells to UV light. Without this protection, cellular health and activity are diminished. Collagen, which we need for suppleness and tone, degrades relatively quickly when too much UV exposure occurs. In addition to fostering smooth skin by protecting against collagen depletion, a good sunscreen product reduces the risk of skin cancer, and that is undoubtedly a winning situation.

Critical Mistakes Many People Make

Sunscreen only works if you work it. This is where a lot of people go wrong. The first mistake that is commonly made is simply going without any sunscreen at all. With so many products available today, it is easy to find a sunscreen that feels good on your skin, even under makeup. The second mistake is not wearing enough sunscreen. When you’re outdoors, it is necessary to reapply product every few hours and to apply sufficient amounts of sunscreen for true protection. At least a nickel-size drop is needed for each area of the body. A final mistake is one that you may be making right now, and that is to stop wearing sunscreen after the heat of summer has faded.

Ultraviolet light is strong any time of year, even when the sun moves slightly farther away from the earth. The rays of light that shine down on us reflect off of common surfaces, including glass, water, and even snow. This exacerbates the effects of that light, which can be just as damaging as a day spent on the beach or a few minutes spent in a tanning bed. Clouds are not considered coverage, either. Even on a cloudy day, about80% of UV light streams through the atmosphere, and that is enough to put you at risk of premature aging and skin cancer.

When you know how to care for skin, you are better equipped to enjoy youthfulness and better health. We are happy to consult with you about sunscreen during a professional skin cancer screening. To schedule your visit, call 610-594-6660.

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