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It's time for a Change

season skin careOh, how we love the change in seasons, especially when that means we are leaving the slush and snow of Winter behind for several months. If you didn't notice as we transitioned from Fall to Winter, your skin changed. Without appropriate attention, the skin may become dull and lifeless as a result of environmental factors like cold temperatures and heated air. These factors are now in the rearview mirror, but that does not mean your skin is free and clear. Now is a great time for the change!

Change your Moisturizer

Ideally, you switched up your cleansing and moisturizing routine as the weather grew frigid and dry. Wintertime skin care should involve washing morning and night with a gentle cleanser, and use moisturizing products with emollient ingredients like lanolin. Emollients create a barrier that keeps moisture inside the cells. Now that we are getting into warmer weather, we don't need such a high degree of protection. A quality moisturizer is still a must, don't get us wrong! Just look for lighter formulations with mild emollients such as vitamin E. You also want alpha- or beta-hydroxy acid in the products you use daily.

Change the Surface of your Skin

One of the best things we can do for the skin gives it a little help in the sloughing department. Exfoliation is necessary to prevent dead and damaged cells from accruing on the surface, blocking the absorption of products, as well as your inner glow from shining through. You can and should exfoliate a few times a week using a mild abrasive scrub with sugars or with hydroxy acids. Some ingredients, such as apricot pits, may sound appealing because they are natural. However, these can be too abrasive and ultimately irritate the skin.

Change your Sunscreen

Sunscreen is something that should be used Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter, so hopefully, your skin was protected these past several months! As we move into higher temperatures, you want to look for sunscreen products that meet your needs. It isn't necessarily all about SPF. A product with SPF 30 is sufficient, provided it is applied every few hours. Use a sunscreen that is broad spectrum, as this offers the greatest protection against all harmful UV rays.

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