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The Holiday Hustle and Bustle may Rustle your Skin

Great SkinIt's time for late-night showings of Elf, cozy fires, warm sweaters, and cookies for Santa. Because there are festive holiday parties taking place over the next several weeks, this is a time of year when we'd like to look our best. In fact, all the running around that we do from Thanksgiving to New Years may prevent us from making that happen. We're not talking about trading that light, summertime lotion for a denser moisturizing cream, either. What we'll cover in this post is how to support glowing, healthy skin by putting the right winter foods on your plate.

Wintertime is the Right time for Great Skin
There are few seasonal treats that benefit the skin in wonderful ways. These include:

  • Coffee. Coffee-lovers have a lot to be thankful for, judging by the findings of recent research. While your coffee habit may send you to the dentist for teeth whitening, it will also increase your protection against nonmelanoma skin cancers.
  • Pumpkin. Because pumpkin pie and roasted pumpkin seeds seem to be reserved for the holiday season, we see them everywhere. This is a good thing! Real pumpkin (sorry Pumpkin Spice) nourishes the body and skin with loads of vitamins B and C, and carotinoids that heal UV damaged skin.
  • Cocoa. Homemade cocoa is soothing to the soul on a chilly day, and now we have even more reason to love this tasty treat! Cocoa contains flavinoids. In particular, it is epicatechin that is good for the skin. This flavinoid encourages sufficient blood flow to the epidermis, which gives you a healthy glow.

Some seasonal treats aren't so great . . .

  • Your healthy glow may become chronic redness if you're not careful with the amount of alcohol you consume at those holiday gatherings. Alcoholic beverages dilate the capillaries just beneath the skin, increasing redness. They are also dehydrating because the kidneys work harder to remove alcohol from the body. Remember to drink more water than alcohol on party days.
  • The sugary treats of the season are not only bad for your waistline, but they can also accelerate the aging process. This is because refined sugar, as well as the white flour that is in many holiday goodies, causes collagen strands to fray. Without strong collagen fibers, the skin has no support to stay firm and youthful.

The team at Dermatology and Skin Surgery Center wishes all of our patients a joy-filled holiday season.

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