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How Fall Weather Affects your Skin

fall skin careWe look for skin care tips for our aging skin, but we tend to forget that our skin doesn't age year by year; it could actually be aging season by season. As you prepare for Fall, you may be looking forward to pulling out your favorite, cozy blanket and stocking up on hot cocoa. Another thing you may want to do before we inch close to Winter is assess your skin care needs. Here's why . . .

Your skin is getting dry
The drop on the thermostat can come as a welcome reprieve. Without realizing it, your enjoyment of the cooler weather may be drying out your skin. This can lead to irritation, sensitivity, and premature aging. The skin demands moisture in order to stay resilient. You can maintain this by boosting your body-care in the form of heavier creams rather than the lighter lotions of summer. If you have a skin condition such as eczema, you may want to carefully sidestep the use of scented body butters that list alcohol as one of their top ingredients.

Your skin is still spinning from Summer
Summertime and all of its splendor can do a lot of damage to your skin, even if you didn't spend your days by the pool or at a beach. Just driving in your care and spending small bursts of time under the sun, your skin absorbs UV radiation. This can lead to spots and uneven skin tone; not just on your face, but on your hands, arms, chest, and neck. Resolve some of the issues of summer with gentle chemical peels, light or laser treatments, or even with the routine use of a retinoid product like Retin-A.

Your pores also show signs of summertime sunshine. Actually, heat is more like it. When the temperature rises, the sebaceous glands in the skin kick in to overdrive, producing extra oil. Joining with debris and keratin, oil settles into pores. Weakened by the breakdown of collagen (stemming from sun exposure), pores become enlarged. The use of a salicylic acid cleanser can decrease pore size.

There are several changes that we see during Fall, from falling leaves to sensitive skin. For professional dermatologic care, call 610-594-6660.

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