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Adult Acne? Here's Why you may have it, and What to do about it!

acneIf you suffered with acne throughout your teenage years, you may have envisioned that reaching adulthood would somehow give you a reprieve from persistent inflammation and flare-ups. Coming to terms with breakouts in your adult life, or adult acne, can be an enormous challenge. Honestly, this is not something you should have to come to terms with. Instead, how about learning why you may be breakout out, and then learning what you can do about it?

Causes of Adult Acne

  • Like teenage acne, hormones are at the heart of adult acne, too. For women, this is significant, because hormones fluctuate throughout the weeks of every single month. The use of a hormone based contraceptive may not help matters (although for some women, this helps), nor will stress.
  • The reason why stress is a significant factor in acne is because stress causes the adrenal glands to secrete cortisol. Along with cortisol, a small amount of testosterone also escapes the gland. Though minute, it is enough to increase oil production, which in turn can lead to acne.
  • Diet can affect the skin, especially a high-sugar (or high-carb) diet.

What to do to Save your Skin
There are several steps you can take to pamper acne-prone skin. Add as many as needed to your daily or weekly regimen!

  • Decrease sugar intake and manage stress with a method that is inviting to you. Yoga isn't for everyone! Maybe just sitting quietly, or walking in nature, will give you a boost of feel-good hormones, rather than a shot of cortisol.
  • Wash gently and with the right products. This is where your dermatologist may come in handy. Not every person can use an over-the-counter acne face wash. This could dry and irritate the skin rather than help it heal.
  • Working with your dermatologist, you can also discover "hidden" treatments that you may not have considered on your own, such as chemical peels to exfoliate the skin, or light treatments to destroy bacteria.

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