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Acne Woes? Arm Yourself with These 4 Tips!

acne Acne. It's a problem we often view as a part of adolescence. For those with acne-prone skin, breakouts can continue far beyond the expectation of what's "normal." In fact, although acne is a skin condition that many teens develop, that does not mean that severe breakouts are the norm. Acne can have an enormously detrimental effect on a teen, as well as on an adult. If acne is a constant struggle for you, know that it need not be.

Get Help
Here is one of the biggest lies about acne: it will pass. Acne is not always a condition that simply runs a natural course and then ceases to exist. A large majority of patients who suffer from chronic inflammation in the skin continue to fight the good fight, often feeling as if they are in a losing battle. Don't "wait and see" when it comes to acne. Get help from a qualified dermatologist who has solutions you won't find on a store shelf.

Get Evaluated
We are all different. Acne may be very different from one person to another. You may have tried a highly-reviewed skin care product, hoping to obtain the same results others said they achieved from the same product, only to feel frustrated that your skin got worse instead of better. Here's the thing, you are not like everyone else! If acne is not resolving with one product, you will be tempted to jump to another. Before you know it, you have thrown hundreds of good dollars into bad investments. To get results, talk with a skin expert who can assess your skin's unique needs, and make product recommendations from that assessment.

Get with the Program
Of course, you have probably tried just about everything you could think of to get the healthy skin you deserve. Now that you know that you have unique attributes that need to be identified before your skin can be successfully treated for acne, you know where to turn. What you also need to remember is that your program may take some time to show the results you are after. Trust that your dermatologist sees your needs, and is addressing them with the right protocol. During your treatment, stay consistent and stay gentle; you can't scrub your skin into good health.

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